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Decorating Your Loved One’s Room


We have many clients with autism that come and stay in our Community Living Group Homes in Columbia. So we are well aware of how hard it is for them to be thrust into an unfamiliar environment, surrounded by unfamiliar faces.

One of the best ways to make them feel better and make their transition go smoother is to make their bedroom feel as comfortable and safe as possible. Global Hands Inc can help you there.

We will share a few tips on how to give your special someone the space they will enjoy and love. Take a look:

  • Opt for muted colors for furniture and beddings
    Loud and bright colors can overstimulate your loved one. Pink, for example, seems to be a common favorite among the guests here at our Home Health Care in Odenton, Maryland.
  • Limit the bright colors to smaller objects like toys or storybooks
    Just because the rest of their room is filled with neutrals doesn’t mean your loved one can enjoy pops of color here and there too. But be sure to keep bold colors to a minimum.
  • Make sure to have the right containers
    Just like loud colors, clutter can also overstimulate your loved one. It can also lead to accidents should your loved one trip over a favorite toy. Don’t worry; the carers at our Developmental Disabilities Care in Maryland can help with clutter control.

Are you looking for Personal Care and other Healthcare Support Services for your aging loved one? Then you’re in the right place. Just dial 1-800-307-8814 or 240-264-0769 to get in touch.

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