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I have read and fully understand the questions asked in this application. I certify that I have provided truthful and complete responses to all inquiries in the application or interviews and understand that the discovery of any false, misleading information and/or the failure to provide information will result in the immediate rejection of my application or, if I am hired, will result in my immediate termination from employment.

I give Global Hands Incorporated, its affiliates, and parent company permission to verify all information provided on the application or in the interview(s), including the inquiry concerning criminal conviction(s), as well as contacting any and all of my previous employers and references and authorize them to provide all information requested of them by the Agency. I release Global Hands Incorporated, its affiliates and officers, my former employers and others that provide information about me from all liability whatsoever resulting from the disclosure of such information. I understand that my application for employment will not be processed unless I complete the attached [Written Disclosure to Applicant and Consent to Request Consumer Report Information]form.

I understand and acknowledge that the Agency may be required, pursuant to MarylandState Law, to request a check of my criminal history record information and review the results of such check.

I understand that neither this application nor any communication by a management representative is intended to create a contract of employment for any period. I understand and acknowledge that any employment relationship with this organization is of an “at will” nature, which means that the Employee may resign at any time and the Agency may discharge the Employee at any time with or without cause.

I understand all offers of employment are contingent on background check and any job-related tests required.

I hereby consent and agree that any photographs, films, video recordings, and/or audio recordings of myself and with our individuals may be used in: advertisement on our website social media, grant writing, etc. and as such becomes the property of Global Hands Incorporated I waive any and all claims for compensation or royalties for such use and am not opposed to media coverage of my involvement with Global Hands Incorporated.

In the event of employment, I understand that I am required to abide by all rules and regulations of the Agency. I further understand that the Agency may modify such rules and regulations from time to time at its sole discretion.

Written Disclosure to Applicant and Consent to Request Consumer Report Information

I understand that Global Hands Incorporated may utilize the services of an outside agency as part of the procedure for processing my application for employment. I also understand if my application for employment is granted, the Agency may obtain further information through subsequent investigations by a consumer reporting agency to update, renew or extend my employment. Upon request, I will be informed whether a report was requested from a consumer reporting agency and provided with the name and address of the consumer reporting agency.

I understand a consumer reporting agency’s investigation may include obtaining information covering up to the last seven (7) years regarding my credit background, references, character, past employment, work habits, education, general reputation, personal characteristics, mode of living, judgments, liens, driving record, and criminal conviction background consistent with federal and state law. I further understand that should I accept an offer of employment; fingerprinting investigations will cover and exceed a minimum of seven (7) years in regards to all background processes.

I understand such information may be obtained by direct or indirect contact with former employers, schools, financial institutions, landlords, public agencies, or other persons who may have such knowledge.

I also understand that before the Agency takes any adverse action, in whole or part, on information obtained in the report, I will be provided a copy of the report and a description in writing of my rights under the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act.

I understand if I disagree with the accuracy of any information in the report, I must notify the Agency within five business days of my receipt of the report. If I notify the Agency within five business days of the receipt of the report that I am challenging information in the report, the Agency will not make a final decision on my employment status until after I have had a reasonable opportunity to address the information contained in the report.

I hereby consent to this investigation and authorize Global Hands Incorporated to procure a report on my background as stated above from a consumer-reporting agency.


The following information is being gathered not for employment decisions but for record-keeping in compliance with Federal laws and regulations. Your responses are strictly voluntary and will help in developing and monitoring our Affirmative Action Program. Any information provided will be kept confidential and will in no way be part of the selection process. If you choose not to answer any of these questions, you will not be subject to any adverse treatment. However, if you choose not to "self-identify" we are, under Federal regulations, required to maintain race and sex information on the basis of visual observation or personal knowledge. If you do not wish to furnish this information, please initial in the section below

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